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Egypt Offers Condolences to Iran over Floods' Victims

Sun 31 Jul 2022 | 04:20 PM
NaDa Mustafa

Egypt's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Hafez expressed sincere condolences and sympathy to the victims of the floods that struck separate areas in Iran, and resulted in a number of deaths and injuries among citizens there. 

In a statement, he wished a speedy recovery for all the injured.

It is worth mentioing that, head of the Rescue and Relief Authority of the Red Crescent Society of Iran, Mahdi Valipur, announced the death of 56 people and the loss of 18 others as a result of the recent torrential rains that swept 21 provinces across the country.

Moreover, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) quoted Walipur as saying that in recent days, 17,638 citizens were provided with assistance, 2,500 people were transferred to safe locations, and 3,700 people received emergency accommodation.

The Iranian official explained that since the 23rd of this month, and so far, the floods have swept 21 provinces across Iran, and the most affected provinces on Friday evening were Lorstan, Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, Charmahal, and Bakhtiari.

A wave of heavy rain, which began a few days ago, and is still continuing in some areas, caused some rivers to overflow, and torrential torrents occurred in most of the governorates.

The rains fell on the mountain slopes north of the capital, and Tehran led to torrential rains and landslides in some areas.