Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Launches First Integrated Waste Management City in the Middle East

Wed 01 May 2024 | 11:09 PM

Egypt is setting a benchmark in the region with the development of its first integrated waste management city in the Middle East, located in the 10th of Ramadan City. This pioneering project, inaugurated in February, was attended by notable officials including the Minister of Environment, Dr. Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Local Development, and the governors of Cairo, Qalyubia, and Giza. It is spearheaded by a 100% Egyptian company, selected from a competitive pool of 33 candidates, and is part of the larger Cairo Air Pollution and Climate Change Management Project funded by the World Bank.

Strategically positioned near key locations, the waste management city is just 7 kilometers from Ismailia, 12 kilometers from Badr City, and 4 kilometers south of the industrial area of the 10th of Ramadan City. Currently, about 25% of the initial phase has been completed, which focuses on constructing robust infrastructure. This includes the installation of a 9-kilometer perimeter wall with a tree-lined fence, an extensive irrigation network, two 4-kilometer roads each 60 meters wide with two main gates, and beautifully landscaped areas with palm trees.

The initiative is a crucial element of the government's effort to manage air pollution and climate change in Greater Cairo, as mandated by Presidential Decree 111 of 2021. This project is designed to reduce air pollutants and aligns with Egypt's commitment to enhancing environmental sustainability and urban development.