Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Confident in Libya's New Gov't to Maintain Unity-Ministry

Thu 10 Feb 2022 | 11:40 PM

On Thursday, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Hafez said that Egypt Egypt is closely following up on the developments of the situation in Libya, stressing that the settlement of the Libyan crisis remains in the hands of the Libyan people alone, without any foreign interference.

In a statement, Hafez affirmed his country's confidence in the ability of the new Libyan government to expel all mercenaries and foreign forces out of the country in order to preserve Libya's unity and sovereignty and pave the way for holding elections.

He pointed out that the Libyan House of Representatives is the only elected legislative body that is entrusted with enacting laws, granting legitimacy to the executive authority, and exercising an oversight role over them.

The spokesman stated that Egypt will also continue its contacts with all Libyan parties with the aim of bringing their views closer, ensuring the security and stability of the neighboring country, meeting the aspirations of the Libyan people, supporting comprehensive national reconciliation efforts between the Libyan brothers, and unifying Libyan institutions.

Earlier today, Libya's parliament appointed former interior minister, Fathi Bashagha to replace Abdelhamid Al-Dbaiba as head of government.

"The parliament voted unanimously to give confidence to Fathi Bashagha as head of government," parliamentary spokesman Abdallah Bliheg said after a session in the eastern city of Tobruk.

The parliament had selected two candidates out of a total of seven: Fathi Bashagha and Khaled Al-Bibass a former senior official in the same ministry.