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Egypt Celebrates Mawlid Al-Nabi

Tue 19 Oct 2021 | 03:08 PM
Ahmed Emam

Today, Egyptians are celebrating the birth anniversary of the most important person in Islam history.

Egypt the land which is believed to be the cradle of the Islamic civilization, sees a grand celebration of Mawlid al-Nabi every year, well that's what is expected of this holy land anyways, and gladly, the celebrations here are magically marvelous. It is more beautiful than any other place in the entire world because the celebration reflects the importance of the religious factor in Egyptian society.

Mawlid al-Nabi is a time to celebrate the birth of the last prophet of God and also to remember His teachings.

Here's a sneak peek into Egypt's Mawlid celebrations.

Every year, Mawlid al-Nabi is celebrated on the twelfth day of the month Rabi’ al-Awwal. This special occasion is cited as one of the most sacred holidays in Islam. Egyptians commemorate and honor the birth of the Prophet Mohamed Ibn Abdullah in a ritual called the Mawlid.

On this date every year, Egyptian citizens celebrate this special day by coming together and by decorating their local mosque with lights, holding large festive gatherings, attending lectures about the Prophet’s life and virtues, and reciting the Qur’an, litanies, as well as devotional poetry of the Prophet.

Notably, the Aroust Elmouled and its sweets traditions which we know today were first introduced during the Fatimid Caliphate era; before then, celebrations involved readings of the Quran and Hadiths only.

It is also traditionally a busy travel holiday; driving is more hazardous than usual due to increased traffic congestion and public transportation is generally more crowded.

In Egypt, government offices, private businesses, and financial institutions close in many areas for at least two days for the holiday. 

Last year’s festivities were impacted by measures to halt the spread of COVID-19, such as movement controls, business closures, night curfews, and bans on public gatherings.

In this regard, Egyptian authorities enhanced monitoring and enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions.