Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt and China Sign Protocol for "Egypt Sat 2" Satellite Operation

Wed 20 Mar 2024 | 11:35 PM

In a landmark move to advance space technology collaboration, the Egyptian Space Agency has signed an operation protocol with the China National Space Administration for the "Egypt Sat 2" satellite. This agreement marks a historic step in enhancing space cooperation between Egypt and China, focusing on the peaceful use of space technologies.

The protocol was inked by Dr. Sherif Sedky, Executive Director of the Egyptian Space Agency, and Li Jun, representative of the China National Space Administration, during a ceremony at the Egyptian Space Agency’s headquarters in the presence of experts and engineers from both countries.

Dr. Sedky expressed pride in the joint efforts leading to the successful development of "Egypt Sat 2," applauding the close collaboration between Egyptian and Chinese technical teams that culminated in this significant achievement. He emphasized that "Egypt Sat 2" will play a crucial role in supporting Egypt’s sustainable development needs.

Li Jun conveyed his pleasure in the close cooperation between China and Egypt in space technology, underscoring its importance for developing peaceful space applications. He highlighted the recent successful testing of three "Egypt Sat 2" models, reflecting both countries' commitment to achieving unique success in space exploration.

Li further reiterated the satellite's role in enhancing peaceful space uses and supporting sustainable development in Egypt, providing high-resolution satellite imagery up to 2 meters precision. This capability will assist the Egyptian government in various critical applications, including water resource mapping, shoreline changes, agricultural monitoring, land encroachment detection, and environmental changes, ensuring precise and effective resource management.