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EC: Drought Threatens Europe, Raises Concerns about Water

Tue 21 Mar 2023 | 10:04 AM
Drought-stricken Mississippi River
Drought-stricken Mississippi River
Ahmed Moamar

The European Commission (EC) said that drought threatens France, Spain, and northern Italy, and raises concerns about water supplies.

As a result of "exceptionally dry and warm winters," most regions of southern and western Europe were affected by irregular soil moisture and river flows, the UNHCR said in a press release.

The commission said the snow water equivalent in the Alpine range was well below historical averages and would lead to "a sharp decline in the contributions of snowmelt to river flows".

According to the report, concerns center on water supplies for agriculture, energy production, and human use.

Referring to seasonal forecasts, the report stated that a warmer spring is expected in Europe, with uncertain forecasts for future precipitation.

The European Commission report recommended close monitoring of water levels and the need for conservation plans in order to deal with "a season that currently poses a great threat to water resources".