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Easy Recipe for Homemade Dried Tomatoes

Mon 19 Jun 2023 | 02:15 PM
Pasant Elzsitony

Dried tomatoes are lovely and delicious additions. You can add them to pasta, chicken, or lovely cheese sandwiches.

In summer, the lovely long tomatoes are available in markets, so they are easy to use for making your homemade dried tomatoes. Today's recipe is presented by Egyptian food blogger Eman Soliman.

Soliman said I use dried tomatoes a lot with different recipes, especially with Focaccia bread and salads.

She added that now the prices of the dried tomatoes surged a lot, therefore, she decided to make them at home.


3 Kiloes of Tomatoes. Make sure to choose them in medium size

Some oil

3 Cloves of Garlic



Cut the tomatoes into halves or thick slices. Remove their seeds, and flip them on the cut side.

Place them on a tray, and leave them aside until they get rid of their water and liquids. It may take an hour.

After that, have a baking tray, cover it with greased paper, and coat it with oil. Then, place the tomatoes. Spread some salt.

Then, slow roast them in the oven but make sure to use the lowest heat. Leave them until they reach the desired level of dryness.

After that, get them out of the oven, and leave them to cool.

Now, you can divide the tomatoes into 2 jars, and add to each one some of the fried chopped garlic, oil, and some rosemary.

You can season them with black pepper.

Close the jars well, and flip the jars and keep them flipped.

You can use different kinds of oils to restore your dried tomatoes like corn oil, and olive oil.

Contributed by: Rana Atef