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Disneyland's Facebook, Instagram Accounts Hacked

Fri 08 Jul 2022 | 11:26 AM
Omnia Ahmed

Disneyland’s Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked early Thursday with racist and homophobic messages.

A hacker who posted nonsensical messages littered with racist slurs, before the offending posts were taken down and the company regained control.

“We worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content, secure our accounts, and our security teams are conducting an investigation,” a Disneyland Resort spokesperson said in a statement.

Four posts appeared on the Instagram account at around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, with one caption saying that a self-proclaimed “super hacker” was taking revenge on the theme park, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The posts included repeated use of the N-word as well as homophobic slurs.

"My name is David Do," read one caption. "I am a super hacker that is here to bring revenge on Disney land. I am f****ing tired of all these [N-word] Disney employees mocking me for having a small penis. Who's the tough guy now Jerome? Get hacked you f****** f******."

In one Instagram post, the hacker said his motivation for the attack was to retaliate for “Disney employees mocking me for having a small penis,” according to images of the now-deleted post. He also weirdly claimed to take credit for “inventing” COVID and warned that he was releasing a new deadly strain of the coronavirus.

Disneyland’s Instagram account has 8.4 million followers, and its Facebook page has more than 16 million.