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Designer Ferdous Murad Combines Art and Elegance in New Winter Collection

Tue 05 Dec 2023 | 12:11 PM
By Ferdous Murad
By Ferdous Murad
Pasant Elzaitony

Egyptian fashion designer Ferdous Murad debuted her winter 2024 collection.

In the new collection, the designer combines elegance and uniqueness in each design with rich colors and details, offering women over thirty distinct modernity.

As winter comes, the search for elegance and distinction becomes important, especially for women over thirty who search for fashions that give them an attractive look and do not age them.

This is the principle Murad directs her efforts and creativity to give every woman who wears her design a state of privacy.

The designer offers a collection that combines classic elegance with casual youth in an artistic, harmonious, and sophisticated way.

Fashion Designer Ferdous MuradFashion Designer Ferdous Murad

**Winter 2024*

The designer relied on wool, broadcloth, tricot, and leather fabrics as well as mixing more than one fabric.

As for the colors, the designer, who loves colors, went for a group of trendy colors to diversify her ideas.

She chose white, beige, black, mint green, olive, baby blue, and blue.

**Beauty of Embroidery*

One of the most important characteristics that distinguish the designer from others is artistically introducing embroidery with colors and shapes into her work.

Each season features a set of embroideries different from the previous season.

This season, the designer presented embroidery on the back of the jacket, adding an exquisite artistic painting embroidered with threads that combine a variety of different colors.

She also introduced striped lines on the front of the jacket as an elegant detail that captured the eyes to the item.

**Amazing details*

The creative collection also featured designs with distinctive lined sleeves and high-collared sleeves decorated with buttons of various sizes as well as used popper buttons and stones artistically.

As Murad loves difference, she attractively presented laser-engraved leather, giving each piece its uniqueness.

She also mixed leather and tricot to give the design richness and privacy.

Finally, the collection is for women who are searching for distinction, elegance, and contemporary.

Contributed by Yara Sameh