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Designer Dina Shaker Wows Crowds at Portugal Fashion Week

Fri 03 Nov 2023 | 10:18 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

Egyptian fashion designer Dina Shaker presented her latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection at Portugal Fashion Week.

Shaker was among 10 designers from African countries to represent the African continent.

The show received great admiration from the media coverage and attendees, who were amazed by the existence of the Egyptian brand with this level of high-quality designs.

Dina Shaker at Portugal Fashion WeekDina Shaker at Portugal Fashion Week

*Designer of a unique style

The designer began her career several years ago when she founded the Spicy retail chain.

Shortly after the 2011 revolution, the local market went into recession, but despite the bad situation, Shaker became more determined than ever to create her brand.

She participated in more than one fashion event, including Dubai Fashion Week.

Shaker is a student of fine arts and was born in the charming city of Alexandria that combines art and beauty, which had an impact on her and created her inclination towards art and beauty.

Fashion lovers are accustomed to seeing Sahker's distinguished style in her exquisite designs that combine sophistication, modernity, and innovation.

Her designs are worn by public figures and high-end fashion connoisseurs.

By Dina ShakerBy Dina Shaker

*Modern designs

The collection featured the blazer and skirt dress.

It also featured a range of earthy colors of shades of beige and shades of grey as well as white and black.

The designer designed the items with an artistic vision and smoothness.

She also relied on well-processed cotton materials for her designs as well as adopted straight lines and innovative cuts that were created with great creativity, distinction, and modernity.

Contributed by: Yara Sameh

By Dina ShakerBy Dina ShakerBy Dina ShakerBy Dina Shaker