Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Declare Sharm El-Sheikh "City of Climate"

I think that the first rule of this transformation is declaring it a city completely free of Vehicle exhaust fumes

Sat 12 Nov 2022 | 01:24 PM
Elham Aboul Fateh
Elham Aboul Fateh
Elham AboulFateh

I hope that Sharm El-Sheikh will be declared a 100% green, smart and environmentally friendly city.

I think that the first rule of this transformation is declaring it a city completely free of Vehicle exhaust fumes by preventing the entry of non-electric cars and polluting industries, It should be an innovative city that uses information and communication technology to improve the quality of life basing on the International association of Smart Cities, and it should contain smoking areas, I firmly believe that the starting point for a sustainable green city is that its inhabitants should be in a good health. Smoking is a danger that must be eliminated, this issue is a key item in the basics of the plan of a large number of world cities that seek to be green ones by 2030, and the rules of Sharm el-Sheikh that we noticed during the climate conference qualify it to be at the forefront of green cities.

It presented itself as a realistic model for preserving the environment and eliminating the phenomenon of climate change and carbon emissions. I express my appreciation to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the patriotic hero of Egypt who restored Egypt to its glory. Thanks you Mr. president for all your efforts and vision that made Sharm El Sheikh an ideal city. Thank you Major General Khaled Fouda, the Governor of South Sinai, as you were able, in a short period of time, to realize and achieve the president's vision to make the whole world talk about Sharm El Sheikh's beauty, cleanliness, and order.

I am confident that Sharm El Sheikh carried the genes of a green city and is able to be free of emissions in all its forms. It is the only city in Egypt that has a green transportation system that includes 150 electric cars and 250 smart taxis, in addition to operating 24 smart parking complex, it also has electric and gas charging stations. Sharm El-Sheikh Hospital has also been transformed into a green, environmentally friendly hospital, free of carbon pollutants, this qualifies the city to be on the list of African cities eligible to be a green city. If the city of peace becomes free of emissions, it will be a step ahead of all smart “digital cities”, at a time when urban areas are experiencing rapid growth in conjunction with digital transformation and the growing demand for information and communication technology among individuals, companies and governments. This makes Sharm El Sheikh an example of social and economic transformation worldwide.