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Death toll from floods in Indonesia rises to 52

Tue 14 May 2024 | 10:37 AM
Basant Ahmed

The authorities in Indonesia announced on Tuesday that the death toll from massive floods and mudslides in West Sumatra province had risen to 52 people.

Channel News Asia quoted the senior official of the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency in West Sumatra province, Elham Wahab, as saying, “Local rescuers, police forces and the army will continue to search for 17 people who are still missing.”

Elham pointed out that the floods caused damage to 249 homes and 225 hectares of land, including rice fields, in addition to most of the main roads in the affected areas.

In turn, the head of the agency, Suharyanto, said, "3,396 people were evacuated from their homes to preserve their lives, while tents, food supplies, hygiene supplies, and water purification devices were distributed to those affected by the floods and the resulting mudslides and landslides."