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Death toll from collapse of residential building in South Africa rises to 9

Fri 10 May 2024 | 02:46 PM
Building Collapse - file photo
Building Collapse - file photo
Basant Ahmed

The death toll from the collapse of an under-construction residential building in the Western Cape province of South Africa has risen to nine, while hopes of finding survivors under the rubble of the building are diminishing.

The authorities explained that rescuers are making efforts to lift thousands of tons of concrete with heavy machinery to search for 44 workers who have been buried since last Monday under the rubble of the five-story building.

The US ABC News network indicated on Friday that of the 28 workers rescued from the site, 21 were in critical condition; Which warns that the death toll could rise to more than 50.

The cause of the building's collapse is still under investigation, while the authorities revealed that more than 70 people were inside the building at the time of the accident.