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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Darkness Threatens 3 European Countries due to Power Cuts

Fri 03 Jun 2022 | 07:48 PM
Ahmed Moamar

European countries are preparing for a power outage due to a lack of energy supplies linked to the continuing war in Ukraine.

Both Germany, Sweden, and Britain are considered the countries that will suffer severely from darkness in the coming period, especially with the advent of next winter.

Germany is going through a real disaster to the extent that the German government demanded its residents to store water and food for 10 days, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz insisted on closing the three nuclear plants and resorting to the use of coal, due to the lack of Russian gas.

Also, the Swedish Electricity Authority expected a rise in electricity prices next winter, as happened last winter, which may force it to cut off electricity.

In Britain, the government has announced that it is at risk of power outages in millions of homes in the country.

There are 6 million homes exposed to power outages in Britain due to the energy crisis and lack of supply.