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Daily Beast: Republicans  Communicate with Trump to Impeach Biden

Thu 02 Sep 2021 | 03:25 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The US Daily Beast website published a report that monitors the efforts of some members of the US Republican Party to pave the way for the withdrawal of confidence from US President Joe Biden.

The Republicans accuse Biden of the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the evacuation of US citizens there.

The report of the American newspaper pointed to angry Republican lawmakers who claimed that former US President "Donald Trump" did not participate in the lawsuits calling for the impeachment of US President Biden, although Trump faced impeachment twice during his presidency.

It is worth noting that Trump demanded on more than one occasion the resignation of President Joe Biden. Trump made several attempts to thwart funding for withdrawals from Afghanistan.

The Daily Beast report, quoting members of the Republican Party, as saying that they were trying to communicate with former President Trump to urge him to publicly discuss the issue of withdrawing confidence from US President Biden in the US House of Representatives and Senate following the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, foremost of which is the bombing that took place last Thursday in Kabul airport, killing 13 US troopers.

Members of the Republican Party had called on Trump to raise the issue of impeaching Biden or some members of his administration or removing him from power to replace him with Vice President- Camilla Harris, according to the Daily Beast report.

A spokeswoman for former US President Liz Harrington denied Trump's reluctance to discuss the issue of impeachment against Biden, confirming to the Daily Beast that the former president had discussed the matter with several members of the Republican Party. The spokeswoman's comments were confirmed by members of the Republican Party.

Some conservative Republicans affiliated with Freedom House Organization held a press conference last  Tuesday to demand the resignations of Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley.

Members of the conservative group, led by Republican Representative Andy Biggs, made it clear that the demand for Biden's resignation is a logical and appropriate step before the start of the process of withdrawing confidence from the American president.

The demands for resignation included officials such as Secretary of State “Anthony Blinken ” and Minister of the Interior Alejandro Mallorcas, the first for his performance in the file of the withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan, and the second for the continuation of the phenomenon of illegal immigration to the United States

The conservative group has not yet succeeded in securing the approval of four-fifths of the House of Representatives to pass the impeachment process, especially since both the minority leaders in the House and Senate, Republicans "Kevin McCarthy" and "Mitch McConnell" have not yet shown any enthusiasm for the issue of impeachment from Biden.