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Cyclone Freddy Kills 100 People in Malawi, Mozambique

Mon 13 Mar 2023 | 09:24 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Cyclone Freddy returned to southern Africa's mainland and left at least 100 people in Malawi and Mozambique dead, authorities announced on Monday.

The Red Cross indicated that over 60 bodies were found during the day in southern Malawi where heavy downpours triggered flooding.

"Sixty-six people have died in Malawi, 93 injured and 16 people are missing due to Tropical Cyclone Freddy," tweeted the humanitarian organization, which is helping with search and rescue operations.

"The number of affected people was above the forecast," agency head Luisa Meque said, adding the storm also struck areas that had been "deemed safe."

In Mozambique, at least three people reportedly died in Namacura, a town in the central Zambezia province. Later on, media outlets indicated that one more was dead over the weekend after a house collapsed in the nearby district of Zalala.

The death toll was expected to increase, as authorities worked to reach all affected areas.