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Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Marakesh-based Hotel for Earthquake Victims

Sun 10 Sep 2023 | 02:24 PM
Rana Atef

Trending football star Cristiano Ronaldo opened up his hotel in Morocco for earthquake victims who are seeking refuge after the earthquake that struck the country on Saturday.

The Marrakech-based hotel opened its doors to victims who have lost their homes, according to multiple media reports.

Spanish Irene Seixas told Marca: “Now we have managed to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel, which is on the outskirts, to give us a room,"

“We are in a lobby with a lot of people of different nationalities, waiting to see if we can get a room, but we have all slept on the street.”

The four-star hotel put its standard entry regulations on hold and offered entry to anyone in need of a roof.