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Nesma Yousry Presents Crinkle Phyllo Recipe

Fri 31 Mar 2023 | 12:05 AM
Crinkle Phyllo
Crinkle Phyllo
By Pasant Elzaitony

Phyllo dough is everyone's favorite for its crusty and delicious taste. Today, food blogger Nesma Yousry presented an easy and catchy recipe that served as crinkle phyllo (Al Mekashkesha).

food blogger Nesma Yousryfood blogger Nesma Yousry


For preparing the syrup. Blend well a cup of sugar, a half cup of water, and the juice of a half lemon.

Place the mixture on high heat and leave it to boil for 10 minutes


Half a Kilo of Phyllo Dough (cover them well to keep it tender)

Take a Sheet and drizzle it with melted unsalted butter or ghee. Crinkle it, and place it in the baking tray.

Place the crinkled sheets and place them in the shape of the baking tray. After that, drizzle the top of the crinkled phyllo with ghee.

Bake it in a preheated oven for 18 - 20 minutes.


Mix well a cup of milk, a half cup of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, and 2 eggs

After making the custard, place the crinkled phyllo from the oven, and cover them with the custard, before baking it once again for 20 minutes or until it goldens.

Finally, pour the syrup over the crinkled phyllo with custard.

You can try different ideas for serving the dessert such as having a quarter cup of syrup and mixing it with a quarter cup of milk to be served as a side sauce.

You can also sprinkle some pistachio over the dessert for decoration.

Don't forget to refrigerate it for an hour before serving the dish, or cutting it into pieces.

For serving it, place the pieces on a serving plate, drizzle it with some sauce, and sprinkle some pistachio.

And enjoy the tasty dessert.

Contributed by: Rana Atef

Crinkle PhylloCrinkle Phyllo