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 Council of Ministers Provides Training Opportunities for Young Students Abroad

Thu 14 Jan 2021 | 02:19 AM
Gehan Aboella

The State Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs (SMIEEA) has received an invitation from the Information and Decision Support Center in the Council of Ministers, to provide training opportunities for 13 young persons studying abroad, each in his field of specialization.

This call came as a culmination of the success of initiative of "Young Learners Abroad" launched earlier by the MSIEEA and the program of visits that have been organized within the framework of the initiative and their meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly.

The call for the Information and Decision Support Center in the Council of Ministers included a visit of young scholars abroad, to get acquainted with the center’s work axes, the “Prime Ministerial Thinking Center,” a visit to the Central Operations Room of the Council of Ministers, the Council’s Media Center, the Public Opinion Poll and Research Center, and the Library of the Information and Decision Support Center.

[caption id="attachment_201147" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Ministry Nabila Makram Ministry Nabila Makram[/caption]

Minister Nabila Makram Abdul-Shahid, Minister of Immigration, thanked the Prime Minister and the Head of the Information and Decision Support Center, for providing these training opportunities for young students studying abroad. She noted that the ministry has, over the past period, organized a comprehensive induction program for them, to be familiar with the aspects of the development that is taking place on the ground in Egypt, mini-training programs have been organized for them in ministries commensurate with their specializations.

The Minister indicated that such training opportunities that were provided to young students abroad were important and came to acquaint these young people with the opportunities available in Egypt and how and the mechanism of work in the state’s administrative apparatus.

She stressed that these young people are a group of Egyptians who are grateful to Egypt and its leadership, for the assistance that they had received to facilitate their return to Egypt during the height of the first wave of the Corona pandemic.They were among the groups of people stranded abroad.

The Ministerial Committee exerted efforts to resolve their crisis succeeded in returning them safely to the homeland.

The minister noted that her Ministry had launched the "Young Learners Abroad" initiative during the past period which continued until last November.

This initiative included visits and various meetings for a number of ministries and government agencies; with the aim of familiarizing them with what is going on the Egyptian scene, in terms of development challenges and efforts in the various sectors, and to strengthen their connection to the homeland.

She emphasized that these are Egypt's treasure of soft power abroad, and if they decide to return to Egypt at the conclusion of their studies, their country would open its arms, welcoming these distinguished elites of Egypt's youth.

Contributed by Ahmed Moamar