Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Coronavirus Sweeps Globe…How Did Egypt Get Prepared?

Mon 02 Mar 2020 | 11:25 AM
Elham Abuelfateh

I call for a strong campaign to prevent handshakes and double-cheek kisses among Egyptians as an important step to confront novel Coronavirus.

It is not enough to deny the presence of Coronavirus cases in Egypt, in order to be relaxed and assured, yet an emergency state should be declared to face this dreaded virus, amid its accelerating news, and drastic effects all over the world.

Only Egypt and few countries are free of this virus, which spread rapidly around the globe- in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, to Iran, which is considered now a new epicentre of Coronavirus outbreak following China’s Wuhan.

I was heartened by the Egyptian cabinet’s statement, dismissing reports about registering scores of Coronavirus cases in Egypt. Moreover, the statement affirmed the full transparency, and the country’s keenness to inform World Health Organization (WHO) about any Coronavirus case as soon as it is discovered.

In addition, many international events have been suspended and others were cancelled because of this deadly virus, including the world’s biggest travel expo, the ITB travel trade fair in Berlin, which represents a chance for travel and tourism organizers to conclude deals and sign contracts for the new tourist season.

Frankfurt’s light and building fair has also been postponed due to the rapid spread of the virus, in addition to, Geneva motor show, Basil Watch Fair, as well as all major public or private events, including sports events, festivals and carnivals.

In the United States, will coronavirus have an effect on the electoral battle between the Republican and Democratic parties? Only few hours after the US president Donald Trump has boastfully tweeted that he adopted effective measures in combating the deadly virus, a new coronavirus case was reported in California, totaling two cases in one state, without knowing the real reasons behind the infection as the infected man didn’t leave the US and deal with other corona-diagnosed persons.

This prompted Trump to announce new 15 coronavirus cases, in addition to appointing his deputy, Mike Pence, as responsible for the virus response.

Today, undoubtedly, we are facing a fierce battle with this virus that requires preparing decisive pre-emptive measures bearing the slogan of “Danger threatens everyone”.

All world governments are also required to work hard to combat the virus and eliminate it.

With the increasing threat, I still believe that credibility and transparency in dealing the virus are among the most important factors in combating it.

Based on warnings of many governments that the China-originated virus, which appeared in December 2019, will spread around the world, force us to take a step in preparing the Egyptian people, with all its categories, to the imminent danger of the virus, which needs more seriousness to be eliminated!

Declaring a state of alert and emergency is urgent now. We also must launch a wide-range awareness campaign about the virus, its dangers, symptoms and methods of prevention, in addition to avoiding shaking hands, kissing and sitting in public places.