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COP28: Culture Min. Participates in High-Level Ministerial Dialogue for Culture-based Climate

Fri 08 Dec 2023 | 03:03 PM
Minister of Culture Nevine El Kelany
Minister of Culture Nevine El Kelany
Ali Abo Deshish - Ahmed Emam

On Friday, Egypt's Minister of Culture Nevine El Kelany participated in a high-level ministerial dialogue on climate action based on cultural aspects. The meeting aimed to launch the "Group of Friends of Climate Action on Culture" (GFCBC) within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

This event was held during the COP28 Conference of the Parties in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

In her speech, Minister El Kelany congratulated the United Arab Emirates for organizing COP28 and expressed her pleasure in participating in the high-level ministerial dialogue on climate action. She highlighted that the GFCBC is a realistic starting point towards radical solutions that cannot return to what came before.

The Minister of Culture emphasized that human behavior is the primary driver of many harmful actions against the environment. She believes that these actions are the result of a negative culture against life. "At COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt worked to establish a Loss and Damage Fund, which is one of the most important decisions issued by climate conferences since the Paris Conference."

She also noted that the decision acknowledges the responsibility of major industrialized countries and the need for developing countries to receive significant support in healing the effects of the destruction caused by industry and excessive energy use.

El Kelany concluded her speech by calling for projects to take the environmental dimension into account