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Clashes in Downtown Beirut During Protest against Deteriorating Living Conditions

Thu 23 Mar 2023 | 10:57 AM
Ahmed Moamar

Tension subsided in downtown Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) after clashes broke out in the morning between the security forces, military personnel, and retired employees.

The protesters sat in Riad al-Solh Square, to protest against the deteriorating living situation, before they received a promise from the caretaker prime minister, Najib Mikati, to include their demands on the agenda. Cabinet, which is expected to be held next week.

Hundreds of Lebanese, most of them retired military personnel, participated in a demonstration in downtown Beirut to protest against the deteriorating living conditions, in front of the Grand Serail, the headquarters of the Lebanese government. Some of the protesters raised the Lebanese flag, chanting anti-authority slogans.

During the past two weeks, the lira, the national Lebanese currency, recorded a historic collapse against the US dollar, which caused an increase in the prices of all commodities, especially fuel, commodities, and foodstuffs, which are now priced in dollars after subsidies were lifted.