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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

CIC Announces Application Opening, Entry Requirements

Mon 17 Aug 2020 | 02:07 PM
Mai Shaheen

CIC: The opportunity to travel to continue studying at Cape Breton University, Canada

CIC: The Engineering Program offers modern programs for students that allows them to work in major international companies

CIC: Bachelor's degrees awarded are accredited by the "Higher Universities" and allow the graduate to join the unions affiliated with each major

CIC announced the opening of applications for students to grant a bachelor’s degree in many fields as the first application of the Canadian / Egyptian education system with the opportunity to travel to Canada and complete the study at the partner university in Canada "Cape Breton University", in addition to providing practical training opportunities in major companies Locally and internationally, a bachelor's degree is also accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt and Cape Breton University in Canada.

The CIC administration confirmed the announcement with the launch of the ministerial coordination stages, students will be able to start registering and choose students between the various study programs offered by CIC, namely: engineering, administration, “business administration and information technology management,” media and computer.

The students enrolling in the engineering major will be allowed to choose from Programs include Architectural and Civil Engineering, Communication and Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering programs.

In the Business Administration program, students can study in the general department, marketing, accounting or finance, and a Bachelor of Information Technology Management offers the possibility to specialize in network management or information management.

While the media major at CIC offers an opportunity to join the departments of journalism, audiovisual media, or public relations and advertising, while the Bachelor of Computer provides the opportunity to specialize in data science, game development, or cloud and mobile computing.

The persity of study programs at CIC aims to distinguish and differentiate them and to provide a graduate who has the ability to compete in various labor markets, which are some of the advantages that a CIC graduate enjoys through his partnership with Cape Breton University, Canada, that partnership that provides students with the opportunity to graduate with a Canadian bachelor's degree in Egypt in addition to The opportunity to travel to Canada and complete the study at the university's headquarters in Canada.

CIC students also have the opportunity to develop their skills by providing them with practical training in major local and international companies to ensure students are ready for the job market after graduation through the Student Development Office.

It is noteworthy that since the establishment of CIC in 2004 in partnership with Cape Breton University of Canada, it has been keen to provide a distinguished quality of university education through various colleges and modern programs that are equivalent to major international universities.

These programs are suitable for labor markets at the global and local level, as the CIC management is keen on Continuous knowledge of all developments and scientific and practical programs to transfer all experiences and skills that students need, as well as providing opportunities for practical training during the study period.

Students can join the CIC through the coordination site of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, where the student chooses the appropriate specialization for him and the location closest geographically, where the CIC can be found on the ministerial coordination site as follows: Fifth Settlement headquarters: 755 - Canadian Higher Institute of Technology Engineering Fifth - Cairo / 756- Canadian Higher Institute of Technology Management of Fifth Settlement - Cairo / 789 - Canadian Techno Media Fifth - Cairo / 1093 - Canadian Higher Institute for Computers, Fifth Settlement / For Sheikh Zayed headquarters: 1210 - Canadian Higher Institute of Engineering, 6 October - Giza / 1215- Canadian Higher Institute of Management, 6th of October- brief.

You can also learn more details about the admission requirements for the various study programs in CIC via the following link: (Here).