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Christian Berger Affirms Alexandria's Significance to EU

Thu 01 Feb 2024 | 04:47 PM
EU Ambassador in Cairo
EU Ambassador in Cairo
Ahmed Emam

The Head of the European Union (EU) delegation in Cairo, H.E. Christian Berger, has recently visited the city of Alexandria to inspect several water projects sponsored by the EU.

During the visit, the European Union delegation, along with ambassadors from 19 other countries and representatives from the European Investment Bank, inspected infrastructure and sanitation projects in the cities of Alexandria and Kafr El-Sheikh, and discussed water issues with young people and businessmen from the private sector.

In his remarks, Berger hailed Egypt for placing itself at the forefront of progressive water resource management in Africa. He further highlighted Alexandria's significance to the EU because of its connection to many European countries through water canals and the challenges related to rain, drought, and climate change factors.

Egypt recently joined a water agreement with the EU, which allows it to participate in research programs, benefiting universities and companies and opening the way for new methods, not only in research but also commercially and economically.

Ahmed El-Wakil, President of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, highlighted Egypt's intensified efforts to address the current water deficit of 21 billion cubic meters annually by reusing agricultural drainage or direct reuse of wastewater for irrigation. 

He also stated that the EU has provided hundreds of millions of euros over the past two decades, supporting all aspects of business, innovators, and emerging companies, as well as the water sector, which is crucial for food security.

In turn, Ayman Ayad, Director of the EU's Water Program in Egypt, emphasized the significance of working with the Egyptian government to develop a strategy and increase resources to support local and national plans to enhance water management.

 He added that the EU is the largest contributor to investment in the water sector in Egypt, opening doors for many good opportunities, especially with problems in infrastructure and wastewater treatment stations. 

EU Ambassador in Cairo