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China Denies Reports on Nipah Virus

Sun 31 Jan 2021 | 04:25 PM
NaDa Mustafa

On Sunday, the Chinese embassy in Egypt denied circulated news about the emergence of a new infectious virus known as 'Nipah' in china.

In a statement, the embassy stressed that the virus has been detected in South Asia, not China specifically.

"There's no clear evidence to suggest this," the statement read.

An outbreak of the Nipah virus in China, with a fatality rate of up to 75%, could potentially be the next big pandemic, according to a report by the Access to Medicine Foundation.

“Nipah virus is another emerging infectious disease that causes great concern. Nipah could blow any moment. The next pandemic could be a drug-resistant infection,” The Guardian quoted Jayasree K Iyer, the executive director of the Netherlands-based Access to Medicine Foundation, as saying.