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Chile Declares State of Emergency After Wildfires Surged

Sun 04 Feb 2024 | 02:30 PM
Chile Wildfires
Chile Wildfires
Rana Atef

Chile declared a state of emergency after fierce wildfires swept the country, killing 51 people.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric said: “Given the conditions of the tragedy, the number of victims will surely increase in the coming hours."

He added that the defense ministry will deploy more military units to the areas of the disaster.

The declaration was made for Marga Marga and Valparaíso.

Moreover, a curfew was declared in several regions between 8 am and midday to facilitate the deployment of emergency and logistical support.

According to the authorities, about 92 active fires in various parts of the country were reported, impacting 43,000 hectares.

The authorities highlighted that the civil forces controlled 40 fires, in addition to battling 29.