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Chef Osama El-Sayed Dies after Struggle with Illness

Tue 01 Nov 2022 | 03:52 PM
Chef Osama El-Sayed
Chef Osama El-Sayed
Israa Farhan

The official page of Chef Osama El-Sayed announced on Facebook that he passed away after a struggle with illness.

The news was a surprise to many, especially those whose childhood was associated with it, and the page has not yet announced the date of the funeral and consolation.

Chef Osama had been inactive on social media since last September, and his absence caused controversy and anxiety among his followers, and the last thing he published was a will, "My loved ones.. Beautiful and a sweet memory during our journey together, share with me your memories and attitudes and do not forget me to pray.”

"I miss your comments and interaction, and I know that I fall short in communicating with you, but God knows how much I love and protect you and the difficulty of communicating in the recent period, since I started on radio and television and then through social media platforms, my goal was to enter happiness and pleasure and share with you everything I know and learn to be a part of your daily life and serve humanity." 

He concluded his message by thanking the followers for their love and prayers.

Chef Osama Abdel Mohsen El-Sayed is considered one of the most prominent chefs who have achieved high fame in the Arab world. 

He served as Vice President of the Egyptian Chefs Association, and presented several cooking programs, including “Belhana and Al Shafa” on MBC and ANA in 1991, “Si El Sayed’s Kitchen” in 2002 on Dream Channel, and moved to Dubai with a program "With Osama Atyab" in the year 2004.

In 2015, he presented "From Osama's Kitchen" on the "CBC Sofra" screen.