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Chef Mustafa Dahi's Qatayef Dough Recipe

Sat 24 Feb 2024 | 04:27 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

The Qatayef (stuffed pancakes) is a lovely dish, and it can be served as a dessert or appetizer. Many prefer to make their dough at home, especially expatriates. In this story, Chef Mustafa Dahi presents his easy, and tasty recipe for Egyptian Qatayef. 


2 Cups of White Flour

1 Tablespoon of Instant Yeast

1 Tablespoon of Baking Powder

4 Cups of Warm Water

1 Teaspoon of Salt


Firstly, test the activity of the instant yeast by mixing the yeast in a half cup of warm water and sugar. Wait until the mixture rises.

Then, add flour, baking powder, and salt in a mixing bowl and mix them, after that add the mixture of the yeast and water, and mix them until having a smooth batter but it should be thinner than the mixture of the traditional pancakes.

Cover the bowl, and leave it to rest in a warm place until the size of the dough doubled.

To cook them, have a non-stick skillet, and heat it well. Next, pour some of the dough in the middle of the skillet and form them in circular form. Cook them until goldening, and having bubbles.

Repeat the process with the rest of the mixture.

Leave the pieces of the Qatayef in a clean kitchen towel, and cover them well.

Now, you have fantastic Qatayef dough ready for stuffing, frying, or freezing to use later.

Contributed by: Rana Atef