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Rania Zikry Introduces Celery Salad

Sun 30 Apr 2023 | 06:19 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Celery has various benefits for the body like reducing any kind of inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatoid.

Moreover, it helps in reducing exhaustion and insomnia due to the presence of magnesium, and oils that can relax the nervous system. 

Celery contributes to preventing the negative impact of the lack of oxygen on the brain.

Rania ZikryRania Zikry

Egyptian food blogger Rania Zikry said that her daughter's vegetarian friend made celery salad for us two months ago. I was surprised at how it was delicious and tasty.

She added that after the visit she decided to plant it. It left a great impact on them as it helped them to sleep better and get rid of LDL.


Fresh French Cerely

2 or 3 apples

2 or 3 cuccumbers

Cooked Quinoa

Boiled Hummus

Some Nigella sativa

Some Flaxseed


1 Tablespoon of Black Honey

Olive Oil, Mustard, Lemon

Contributed by: Rana Atef