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Canada Sees Jump in Handguns Sales amid New Legislation

Wed 08 Jun 2022 | 11:28 AM
Rana Atef

The sales of the handguns and weapons in Canada jumped after the announcement of Justin Trudeau to push a law to control the ownership of weapons in the state after the tragic Texas shooting, media agencies reported on Wednesday.

The government set legislation that could freeze the purchase and transferring of handguns in the country as part of Bill C-21 restrictions that will be fully in force by this autumn.

However, handgun traders told reporters that the sales of the weapons jumped between 10% and 15%.

Dan Shemley, the manager of a weapons store in North Precision, Canada, said: "You get a lot of people that as soon as they announce new gun control measures, everyone wants to go in and buy a gun."

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden announced last week that he set a meeting with congress about the laws related to guns and weapons after the massive tragic shooting of the Texas elementary school that left behind 21 victims.

Biden said during his meeting with the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern in the White House: “There’s an awful lot of suffering.”

He also told the reporters in the meeting room: “I will meet with the Congress on guns. I promise you.”

Previously, US Vice-President Kamala Harris asked US citizens and lawmakers to stand against the lobby of weapons after the latest two fatal shootings in Buffalo, and Texas.

Harris’ speech came during her visit to the funeral of one of the victims of the Buffalo supermarket shooting. The funeral was for Ruth Whitfield, the oldest victim of the shooting.

She said: “This is a moment that requires all good people, all God-loving people to stand up and say ”We will not stand for this. Enough is enough.”

“We will come together based on what we all know we have in common, and we will not let those people who are motivated by hate separate us or make us feel fear.”