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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Canada Calls for Control over Temporary Migration

Wed 03 Apr 2024 | 09:36 AM
Israa Farhan

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized the necessity of managing the influx of temporary immigrants into the country during an announcement on housing initiatives in Dartmouth on Tuesday.

Trudeau expressed concerns over the significant growth in temporary migrants, including international students and temporary foreign workers, entering Canada.

He highlighted the need to address this issue, stating that there has been a much faster rate of growth than Canada has been able to absorb.

He pointed out that in 2017, temporary immigrants accounted for 2% of Canada's population, which has now surged to 7.5%. Trudeau stressed the importance of regaining control over this trend.

The Prime Minister underscored the mental health challenges faced by international students and the impact of increased reliance on temporary foreign workers, which, he noted, has led to wage depression in certain sectors.

He concluded by stating that it is a responsible approach to immigration that continues for permanent residents, as has been done, but also slightly tightening up on temporary immigration, which has put a lot of pressure on communities.

Minister of Immigration, Mark Miller, announced on March 21 that Ottawa would establish targets for temporary residents allowed to enter Canada to ensure sustainable growth in their numbers.

Over the next three years, the government aims to reduce the proportion of temporary residents to five percent of Canada's population.