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Canada Allows Ukrainian Refugees to Stay for 3 Years

Fri 18 Mar 2022 | 08:51 AM
Omnia Ahmed

Canada allowed Ukrainians, who escaped the Russian attacks, to stay for three years, the government announced on Thursday.

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser said those who come will be able to stay longer than the previously announced two years in line with the 'Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel’ program opening on Thursday.

The immigration minister will take an average of two weeks for people who apply through this temporary residence pathway to be approved through the online portal, according to CTV News.

Meanwhile, the government is also setting up a job bank so that Canadian employers can provide available jobs and hire refugees.

“As brave Ukrainians fight for their lives and their freedom, Canada is ready to welcome their loved ones who are forced to flee. When they arrive safely in Canada, we’re going to help Ukrainians find work and so they can provide for themselves and their families,” said Minister of Employment Carla Qualtrough.

“From ensuring that children can enroll in school to helping parents join our workforce, we want every Ukrainian to find peace, stability, and community in Canada,” Qualtrough added.