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Cameroon: 24 Civilians Dead, 60 Injured by Gunmen

Wed 01 Jun 2022 | 02:10 PM
Israa Farhan

Twenty-four civilians were killed and nearly 60 others injured in an attack by separatist gunmen in southwestern Anglophone Cameroon, according to the region's Mayor’s Ekwale Martin.

Martin mentioned that the separatists on Sunday attacked the village of Obonyi II, 560 km northeastern Yaoundé, near the border with Nigeria. The toll is 24 dead and at least 62 others injured, according to AFP.

“The separatists wanted the residents to give them money every month, they refused, and so they attacked,” he added.

The South-West and neighboring North-West regions are inhabited by Anglophone minorities. Some residents feel alienated from the French-speaking majority in Cameroon ruled by President Paul Biya, 89, for nearly 40 years.

Since 2017, there have been bloody conflicts between separatists and the army; civilians are mostly the victims.