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BUE President: We Have 11 Colleges, Offer 5 Grants to "Egypt Can"

Sat 05 Sep 2020 | 01:03 PM
Mai Shaheen

Dr. Ahmed Hamad, the president of British University in Egypt (BUE), explained that the university includes 11 colleges. The total number of students has reached 11,000.

Dr. Hamad added that BUE offer many specializations, such as the Environmental Engineering College.

During a telephone conversation with the journalist Ahmed Fayek, presenter of "Egypt Can" program, Dr. Hamad added this year, the university officiate the graduation of two batches from the Faculties of Arts, Humanities and Law; the graduated students will obtain quality certificates approved by a foreign partner.

On other hand, the university provided 100 scholarships to African countries and 100 grants to martyrs children from the armed forces, police and border governorates, as well as full scholarships for high school students in the scientific and literary pisions in addition special social grants.

The BUE president announced that the institution, granted "Egypt Can" program 5 scholarships in the Faculties of Engineering, Computer, Economics, Law, Media and Nursing.