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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

British University Announces Discounts, Partial Scholarships for Students

Sat 22 Aug 2020 | 03:04 PM
Mai Shaheen

The British University has announced discounts and partial scholarships for students admitted in the 2020/2021 academic year.

* Academic discount 2020/2021 at The British University :

The discount is granted, starting from a total of 90% to 94.9%, the discount reaches 5%, and starting from 95% - 100%, the discount reaches 10% for Engineering - Energy and Environmental Engineering - Computer Science and Information Systems faculties.

Also, the discount is granted, starting from 90% to 94.9%, it reaches 10%, and starting from 95% - 100%; it reaches 20% for faculties (Business Administration - Political Science - Media - Arts and Humanities Department of Psychology).

For Faculties of Economics - Law - Literature and Humanities sections of English / Chinese Language - Nursing. The discount is granted starting from 80%.

Students who obtained the following foreign degrees will receive a 5% discount in addition any other discount they deserve such as;

. IGCSE / GCSE Secondary English

International Bacaloria International Baccalaureate

French Bacaloria Secondary Vesnis

German High School Abitur

Academic discount for old students during the academic years at The British University :

There are many partial scholarships that start from 10% to 35% according to the estimate obtained by the student during the study years at the university.

Top college students and non-majors will secure a 100% fee discount.

*Sports excellence:

* International / Regional / African / Mediterranean Level at the global level:

- The first place secures a 50% discount from the fees.

- The second place secures a discount of 40% of the fees.

The third place secures a 30% discount of the fees.

*At the level of Governorate / Sector / Republic

- The first place has a discount of 40% .

- The second place secures a discount of 30% .

- The third place secures a 20% discount.