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British Scientists Warn of New Big Wave of Coronavirus in UK

Sat 13 Feb 2021 | 05:53 PM
Ahmed Moamar

British experts have warned of a "new big wave", of the infection with the Coronavirus ( known also by the World Health Organization (WHO ) as COVID-19).

The new wave may be compared to the current situation if the lockdown in the United Kingdom (UK) is lifted early.

The British newspaper "The Independent" wrote: "This warning comes amid increasing pressure from some conservative parliament members on the government to start easing controls after the initial success of curbing the widespread vaccination campaign."

Ministers are visiting vaccine centers across the United Kingdom in a final attempt to encourage getting the vaccine, amid continuing resistance from some groups.

This step comes at a time when the government is pushing to achieve the goal of mid-February of vaccinating the most vulnerable groups such as elders of the age over 65 years.

According to the published data, more than 14 million people were vaccinated with the first dose, while more than 530,000 received their second dose.

It was the "fastest and largest vaccination campaign in history," according to Health Service England chief Sir Simon Stevens.

England and Wales have already achieved their goal of introducing the vaccine to the four priority groups by February 15, the officials said.

On Friday, Health Services England said that the Big Four groups in England "have now offered the opportunity to be vaccinated soon." In Wales, Prime Minister Mark Druckford of the province thanked "everyone who has been working around the clock to get to this point."

Meanwhile, with less than 48 hours remaining to apply the quarantine for returning from abroad in government hotels, a statement issued by Heathrow Airport on Saturday morning said that "large gaps remain."

This comes after it became clear that border officials were not even informed of how the system works, while MPs warned of scenes of chaos at airports. Employees working this weekend remain unaware of the rules that will be imposed on Monday.