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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

British People Order More Than 150 Million Pizza Delivery

Thu 12 Nov 2020 | 08:08 AM
Sara Goda

The Sun reported that British people ordered more than 150 million pizzas, 42 million curries and 41,000 tons of chips (French fries) during the six months quarantine.

The report presented a list of the most ordered dishes during the lockdown across the different British regions like: Glasgow who ordered the most pizzas, Edinburgh who ordered the most Thai food, New Castle who ordered the most kebabs, and London who ordered the most fish and chips. However, the people of Bristol where much more health conscious and chose to order from the vegan menu.

It is worth mentioning that Domino’s pizza sold a margherita pizza every second during the lock down in England.

The different online food ordering companies reported a significant rise in the orders percentage including “Just Eat” who reported a 50% increase which is about 100 million more meals, “Deliveroo” who reported a 66% increase, and “Uber Eats” who reported a 160% increase and a 17,000 small business signing up to the platform only in 4 months. “Uber Eats” also reported that the number of grocery and convenience orders increased by 166% and the number of coffee orders increased by 149%.