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Heba Adib Unveils New Bridal Accessory Collection

Mon 21 Feb 2022 | 07:58 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

Bridal accessories designer Heba Adib unveiled a new distinctive collection of bridal and special occasion accessories.

The collection featured hair tiaras, necklaces, and earrings made from zircon and pearls, all of which were high-end new, silver plated and distinguished designs.

[caption id="attachment_317110" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]Heba Adib with Dalya Elbehery Heba Adib with Dalya Elbehery[/caption]

*Latest trends

Adib unveiled the latest fashion for bridal accessories, noting that roses are making a comeback.

She added that diamonds and pearls are also trendy.

All these accessories are elegant and artistic designs that add to the elegance of the bride.

The designer also pointed out that the wide headpiece is still very popular due to its suitableness with curly and straight hair.

* Pearls grading

Adib stated that pearls' grading varied from white to off-white and golden, all of which are chosen according to the degree of hair, skin color, and dress.

She advised the brides to be simple and choose accessories that match the fabric of the dress and the hairstyle that the hairdresser will style her hair as accessories of the bride require an artist to employ them beautifully and innovatively.

The designer pointed out that she found this while collaborating with the late hairdresser Mohamed Al Sagheer as well as with Hany El-Behairy on his 2017's fashion show in Egypt and 2018’s show in Paris.

Adib added she also collaborates with hairdressers Chris and Richard, all of whom have the artistic taste to perfectly style hair accessories in an elegant and integrated manner with hair.

[caption id="attachment_317111" align="aligncenter" width="1080"]By Heba Adib By Heba Adib[/caption]

*Hair accessories for special occasions

Adib noted that females can wear hair accessories to big parties and proms, as they give an elegant look.

The designer noted that she had styled actress Dalia El Behairy for a fashion show, with Al Sagheer creating an astonishing chignon hairstyle.

She added many females attending prom match hair accessories with a pair of gemstone earrings such as diamonds or pearls.

Most designs are delicate work distributed over the head or at a certain angle according to the hairstyle.

Adib shared that she prefers for prom the slim headpiece with straight hair for a modern, elegant, and youthful look.

Contributed by Yara Sameh