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Brazilian Supreme  Court Decides to Ban   Telegram App

Sat 19 Mar 2022 | 06:33 PM
Ahmed Moamar

A judge in Brazil's Supreme Court has decided to ban the popular messaging app Telegram across the country.

The decision blocks one of President Jair Bolsonaro's favorite communication channels, Russia Today reported.

Judge Alexandre de Maurice justified the decision to immediately ban the application by the owner's failure to comply with orders from the Brazilian authorities to remove the messages that were found to contain misleading information.

"Telegram's disrespect for Brazilian law and its repeated failure to comply with countless court decisions is completely contrary to the rule of law," Judge Morris wrote in the ruling.

The judge said the company had repeatedly refused to comply with the rulings and requests of the police, the Supreme Electoral Court, and the Supreme Court itself, adding that this included a Supreme Court-ordered investigation into allegations against the Bolsonaro administration using official communication channels to spread misinformation.