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13 Civilians Killed in Cameroon by Boko Haram

Fri 08 Jan 2021 | 10:49 PM
Ezzeldin Essam Ezzeldin

On Friday, "Boko Haram" terrorist group killed 13 civilians, including 8 children during a suicide bombing in northern Cameroon.

Muhammad Shitima Abba, the regional leader in Muzogo village said that "The attackers arrived in the middle of the night, waving machetes, and the terrified villagers tried to flee to a nearby forest, and when they were escaping, the suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at them."

Abba added, "It seems that they no longer have the ability to conduct mass attacks with rifles, because the attackers were carrying machetes and using homemade bombs."

A member of a local defense committee confirmed that his group tried to combat the attackers.

A police officer said, in statements to AFP, that "13 civilians were killed, including two children and 6 teenagers, including a woman and her three children."

A police source said that "In addition to the suicide bomber, the other dead man among the attackers was a man who was killed by the Self-Defense Force."

More than 36,000 people had been killed, most of them in Nigeria and 3 million people have left their homes since Boko Haram began its insurgency in northeastern Nigeria in 2009.

The terrorist group is headquartered in northeastern Nigeria, but it launches frequent raids in Cameroon, Chad and Niger, prompting the four countries in addition to Benin to form a joint task force of 10,000 soldiers.

Boko Haram and a separated group called ISIS in West Africa escalated their attacks in recent years.

An attack on two villages in the Tillaberi region in western Niger on Saturday killed 105 people, the highest number of civilian deaths in the Sahel region since the terrorist insurgency began in the region in 2012.