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How to Boil Meat Perfectly

Tue 09 May 2023 | 02:46 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

There are small elements that can affect the delicious taste of the meat.

Here are some golden tips on how to make a delicious soup and well-cooked meat.

- Don't wash the meat, however, it can be rinsed quickly with water, as the amino acids in the meat can be dissolved in the water and make the meat loses its nutritional value.

- Adding onion to the meat soup gives a delicious taste to the broth.

- Remove the fat from the surface of the soup to prevent the soup from turning sour and viscid.

- If the fire is high or low, the meat will not be cooked and will have a bit. Cook the meat on a low to medium fire.

- Sugar and date kernels speed up the process, but some people said that the kernels can be dangerous.

- If the black pepper is added at the beginning of the cooking, it will darken the soup and will require to be poured in large amounts to highlight the taste at the end, which is not right.

- Add vegetables such as green peppers, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, or celery, all of which brighten the flavor and increase its nutritional value.

- For a sweeter taste, season the meat with onions, peppers, and spices, and fry it in Tefal without adding fat substance, or with a tablespoon of ghee, before adding hot water, which will provide a great difference in the taste.

- While the meat is boiling, add hot water as cold will dry out the meat and unable it from being cooked.

- Adding spices to the meat, such as cardamom, bay leaf, and mastic, to give a sweet taste to the soup.

- Old meat takes plenty of time to cook. Boil the meat, then turn off the fire for an hour or two and re-light the fire again for a faster cook.

- Salt is added when cooking is complete because it delays cooking the meat.

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Contributed by Yara Sameh