Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Big Opportunity for Artists in Switzerland for 3 Months

Sat 18 Jan 2020 | 06:02 PM
Wafaa Fayez

Pro Helvetia Studio Residency is offering a studio residency (3 months) for Swiss artists, curators and cultural practitioners in the Arab region (to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Lebanon) or, conversely, in Switzerland for artists, curators and cultural practitioners from the Arab region (from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Lebanon).

Pro Helvetia Studio Residency is a platform that provides artists with the opportunity to gain a broad insight into a different cultural environment, in addition to a place to work and accommodation. The platform offers specific coaching, covers the costs of travel, accommodation, and insurance.

Applicants may benefit three times in total from a Pro Helvetia studio residency.

Launched in  2002, the Studio Residency program aims to enhance cultural exchange and artistic collaborations between Switzerland and the Arab region.

Selection criteria

  • Convincing track record: professional track record extending beyond the local/regional level.
  • Clear, contextually relevant motivation.
  • Relevant and adequate language skills (English, French and/or German).
  • For Arab artists: Only Arab artists residents in an Arab country are falling under these selection criteria.

Working with a network of organizations that can host residencies in different cities in Switzerland and in the Arab region.  They are looking forward to customizing each residency according to the needs of the inpidual arts professionals as much as possible.

Those who are interested can check the Residency Network page to find out more about these organizations.


Applications must be written in English and can be submitted via until March 1, 2020.