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Biden Says Won’t Watch Trump's Impeachment Trial

Wed 10 Feb 2021 | 09:12 AM
Basant ahmed


US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he will not watch former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, adding that he has a job to do in providing assistance to people who are affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

"I am not," Biden told reporters when asked if he will watch the trial at the start of a meeting with business leaders

“My job is to keep people alive. We have already lost more than 450,000 people, and we will lose a lot if we don't act decisively and quickly," Biden said.

Biden added that many Americans are struggling with food insecurity, including children - and focusing on that problem is his job.

"The Senate has their job," Biden told reporters as he sat in the Oval Office at the beginning of a meeting with chief executives. "They're about to begin it. I'm sure they're going to conduct themselves well. And that's all I'm going to have to say about impeachment."