Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Belarusia's PM Visits NMEC, Giza Pyramids

Wed 01 May 2024 | 02:48 PM
Israa Farhan, Ali Abu Dashish

Today, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat and the Giza Pyramids area welcomed the Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko and his accompanying delegation, as part of his official visit to Egypt.

During his visit to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Ahmed Ghoneim, the CEO of the Museum Authority, welcomed him and the accompanying delegation, providing them with an overview of the museum's unique site, its history, and its cultural and societal role.

Ghoneim also presented a commemorative gift from the museum to him.

Sayed Abu Al-Fadl, the supervisor of the museum's halls, accompanied the Belarusian Prime Minister and his delegation on a tour inside the museum, including the central display halls, the royal mummies, and the Egyptian textiles.

He provided them with a comprehensive explanation of the museum, its history, and its collection of unique artifacts that narrate the history of ancient Egyptian civilization over the ages.

During the tour, the Belarusian Prime Minister expressed his admiration for the museum, which highlights Egypt's civilization through the exhibited archaeological treasures, revealing the development of Egyptian life and heritage throughout the ages, especially the mummies hall.

He also made sure to write a note in the museum's guestbook, expressing his gratitude for the warm reception and his fascination with ancient Egyptian civilization.

In a related context, the Giza Pyramids area also welcomed the Belarusian Prime Minister today, where he was received by Ashraf Mohy El-Din, the General Director of the Pyramids Antiquities Area, who accompanied him on a tour of the archaeological area.

The tour included the Great Pyramid from the inside, the Panorama area, and the Sphinx statue, during which Mohy El-Din explained the history of the archaeological area and the method of carving the Sphinx statue.

The Belarusian prime minister expressed his admiration for the Egyptian civilization, asking several questions about the construction of the Great Pyramid and the history of King Khufu. He also insisted on taking souvenir photos in the archaeological area to commemorate this visit.