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Beans in Ancient Egypt!

Sat 22 Dec 2018 | 08:36 PM
Norhan Mahmoud

By: Ali Abu-Dashish

CAIRO, Dec. 22 (SEE)- Since dawn of history, no people on planet earth knew the value of food like ancient Egyptians did! “Beans were one of the most important foods in pharaonic Egypt,” said Egyptologist Hussein Abdel-Bassir.

Beans were cultivated near ‘Manf,’ Egypt’s Capital at the time, and in other lands as screens of agricultural crops inside pharaonic tombs depicted. Actually, remains of beans were unearthed in tombs of Tiba, Saqqara, Al-Faiyum and others, some of these remains are preserved inside the Agricultural Museum in Cairo. 

Ancient Egyptians opted for beans as an alternative to meat as the crop is rich in protein and nutrients that boost immunity. “In fact, Egyptians were the first to cook beans. They used to cover beans with water, then bury the pots in ashes inside traditional ovens until fully cooked.” 

Besides simmering beans, pharaohs used to prepare a traditional dish called “Bisara” using the legume. 

Interestingly, beans were consumed by mainstream people, but priests did not eat the beans so as not to conflict with their sacred priesthood functions within the ancient Egyptian temples!