Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

August SAT Exam Cancelled in Egypt

Tue 01 Sep 2020 | 10:14 AM
NaDa Mustafa

The college Board spokeswoman Scott Jaschik announced on Friday that the August 29 SAT exam in Egypt was canceled over security matters.

Via an email, Jaschik said, "We made the decision to cancel SAT test in Egypt based on the evidence we’ve received about a test security matter."

"We will take the necessary actions to ensure the integrity of this and every SAT administration," she added.

Saturday's SAT was supposed to be taken by more than 200,000 students worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that, SAT exams for March 2019 were canceled in Egypt, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. According to reports, the tests were actually leaked and sold outside of the United States; in the mentioned countries.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is one of the most important exams required for students wishing to enter universities and foreign scholarships, especially in the United States.

This comes after the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) were canceled earlier this year due to concerns related to the "Covid-19" virus.