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Armenian     President, PM  Prime   Discuss Early Legislative Elections

Sat 13 Mar 2021 | 06:37 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Armenian President Armen Sarkisyan and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a meeting today, Saturday, to discuss holding early parliamentary elections to get out of the political crisis afflicting the country.

The Armenian presidency said in a statement that Sarkisyan and Pashinyan discussed "the current situation in the country and ways to settle it and overcome the internal political crisis."

The statement added, "In this context, the two parties touched on holding early elections as a way to solve the complicated problem."

In a separate statement, the Armenian presidency said that Sarkisian discussed the possibility of holding early elections with leaders of parliamentary blocs as well.

On the other hand, the area surrounding the presidential headquarters in the Arminian capital witnessed sporadic skirmishes between the police and Pashinyan opponents, who gathered there in an attempt to prevent the Prime Minister from attending the meeting with the President.

Earlier, Sarkisian twice rejected Pashinyan's proposal to appoint General Artak Davtian as the new chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Army, after Pashinyan dismissed his predecessor, as he called on the government and its president to resign.

Sarkisian has twice rejected Prime Minister  Pashinyan's proposal to appoint General Artak Davitian as the new Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Army.

According to the Armenian constitution, the president of the republic can reject the prime minister's proposal to appoint the highest commanders of the army, and return the proposal to him with submitting his objections.

In the event that the Prime Minister rejects the objections, the President of the Republic can go to the Constitutional Court, and if he does not go to it, the Prime Minister’s decision will be executed automatically.

Last Thursday, the Armenian Presidency said that President Sarkisian did not sign the decree presented by the Prime Minister, and will not go to the Constitutional Court, which means that Davitian will assume the position of Chief of Staff without the approval of the President of the Republic.