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Armenian Opposition Start Comprehensive Civil Disobedience to Overthrow Government

Sun 01 May 2022 | 08:53 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Mass demonstrations erupted across Armenia to demand the resignation of the prime minister after the signing of the withdrawal agreement from the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region with Azerbaijan and the approval of the presence of peacekeepers

Deputy Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Representative of the "Armenia" bloc, Ashkhan Sagatlian, announced that the united opposition will set up its tents in France Square in the center of the capital, Yerevan, and will start Monday comprehensive civil disobedience to overthrow the government.

"Dear citizens, we will all remain in the Place de France, and after a while, the tents will be set up here," Sagatlian said, addressing a rally. Tomorrow morning at 08:30 a.m, we will begin large-scale civil disobedience. We apologize to the citizens, but in the city center especially not a single car should drive so that after several days we can dismiss Nikol Pashinyan.”

The opponents closed the streets leading to the square, and there were several clashes with the police.