Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Armed Forces Kill 89 Takfiris in North Sinai

Sun 01 Aug 2021 | 07:01 PM
Basant ahmed

Within the framework of the continuous efforts exerted by the armed forces to defeat terrorist elements on all strategic directions of the state, during the previous period, the heroes of the armed forces succeeded in launching successive strikes against terrorist elements and carrying out a number of qualitative operations that resulted in the killing of 89 dangerous takfiri inpiduals  in North Sinai.

Also, 404 explosive devices and 4 explosive belts were discovered and destroyed on the main axes and roads. 59 motorcycles used by the takfiri elements were destroyed as well.

The forces succeeded in destroying 52 vehicles used by the takfiri elements to carry out their terrorist operations, and the border guards, in cooperation with the military engineers, succeeded in discovering and destroying 13 tunnels used by the terrorist elements to infiltrate into North Sinai.

Amid tightening security measures on the western strategic direction, the Air Force, in coordination with the border guard forces, succeeded in directing preemptive strikes against terrorist elements, by monitoring, targeting and destroying 200 four-wheel drive vehicles, some laden with weapons and ammunition,  while attempting to sneak into forbidden areas along the country's western and southern borders.

As a result of the valiant fighting of our armed forces, 8 heroes of the armed forces were martyred and wounded.