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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Commander of Lebanese Army Hails Martyrs, Families

Wed 30 Sep 2020 | 10:03 PM
Ezzeldin Essam Ezzeldin

Today, the Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun, met with the families of the soldiers who died during a raid on the home of a wanted terrorist, and he expressed his condolences for their losses.

During the meeting, General Aoun said: "We highly value the sacrifices of your sons since they sacrificed their lives for Lebanon."

Aoun added that despite the various difficulties and challenges Lebanon suffered, the honor, sacrifice, and loyalty keeps pushing us forward to continue our duty.

He stressed that ''Terrorism does not recognize a sect or religion, and its basic dogma is killing and that the blood of the martyrs thwarted plans prepared for our country.''

He added: "Our martyrs saved Lebanon from dangerous operations and protected all its regions."

He praised the people of Akkar, who" will not hesitate to sacrifice their souls for the sake of Lebanon."

The martyrs' families expressed their profound wish to achieve justice against the killers.